Frame Relay Design

Frame Relay encapsulation is used between the Data Centre and the Internet. This will provide The Washington School Districts main Internet connection. The entire Washington School District will access the Internet through this point. Frame Relay will be used for its speed because; Frame Relay performs no error correction. Frame Relay relies on the upper-layer protocols to do the error correction.

The Data Link Connection Identifier (DLCI) number that will be used is 20. Since DLCI number only has local significance it will not matter which number is used.

The Committed Information Rate (CIR) for the Washington School District Internet connection will be 1.544 Mbps. Since this the only connection that the entire school district has access to, it will be necessary for the Internet link to be as fast as possible.

Data Communication Equipment

  • A Router with one or more serial ports.
  • CSU/DSU (Channel Service Unit / Data Service Unit)
  • Correct DCE and DTE serial cabling to match both the CSU/DSU and Router.

Router Configuration

    - hostname of Data Center Router: DataCenter
    - Serial 0 IP Address: (On Data Center Router)
    - Serial 1 IP Address: (At ISP)
    - it is assumed that the remote router (ISP) is manufactured by Cisco

DataCenter# configure terminal

DataCenter(config)# interface serial 0

DataCenter(config-if)# ip address

DataCenter(config-if)# encapsulation frame-relay cisco

DataCenter(config-if)# frame-relay inverse-arp ip 20

DataCenter(config-if)# no shutdown

DataCenter(config)# exit



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